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Part III: Grammar

Present-past-future (verbs), adjectives, and classifiers
Wordlists and examples of use - no theoretical terms.


The full chapter about present-past-future is on 4 pages.





















The full chapter about adjectives is on 5 pages.



The full chapter about classifiers is on 4 pages.



Thai-Isan-Lao Phrasebook with phonetics and soundtrack

Page 1 Index page.
Page 2 Introduction: Front page, introduction, content.
Page 3 Texts: Shopping, Learning by Oneself, etc.
Page 4 Wordlists: Menu-card, people, etc.
Page 5 Grammar: Present-Past-Future, adjectives, classifiers, etc.
Page 6 Writing Manuals: Thai consonants, Lao vowels, Isan clusters, etc.
Page 7 Appendixes: Comparing Lao and Thai consonants and vowels, etc.
Page 8 About the author
Page 9 Link page: Literature and web-sites


Asger Mollerup, June 2005