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  Part I: Texts

Structure in the text samples:
  1st line : English
  2nd line : Thai
  3rd line : Thai phonetic
  4th line : Isan
  5th line : Isan phonetic
  6th line : Lao
  7th line : Lao phonetic
  8th line : English translation word by word
     There are no diacritics in the phonetics to the texts and the word-lists, as learning by listening to the soundtrack is regarded as more important.
     Diacritics are only used in the manuals, where it is also explained how to determine the tones (diacritics are tone-markers describing the tones of these 3 tonal languages).
     Readers unfamiliar with International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) should take a look at the manuals and/or the appendixes.
     Abbreviations: FT: Final particle, AP: Asking particle, T): Thai, I): Isan, L): Lao


Phrases about



Phrases about


Phrases about



Thai-Isan-Lao Phrasebook with phonetics and soundtrack

Page 1 Index page.
Page 2 Introduction: Front page, introduction, content.
Page 3 Texts: Shopping, Learning by Oneself, etc.
Page 4 Wordlists: Menu-card, people, etc.
Page 5 Grammar: Present-Past-Future, adjectives, classifiers, etc.
Page 6 Writing Manuals: Thai consonants, Lao vowels, Isan clusters, etc.
Page 7 Appendixes: Comparing Lao and Thai consonants and vowels, etc.
Page 8 About the author
Page 9 Link page: Literature and web-sites


Asger Mollerup, June 2005