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Part II: Wordlists

Part of Menu card and part of list on family terms.


Menu-card in Thai, Isan, Lao, and English.

     These are only a a few samples from the Menu-card on 16 pages. The food of Thailand, Isan and Laos could cover a whole book as the food is plentiful. You can find Thai food, Lao food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Indian food, and various forms of European and American food.
     On the sound-track on "Isan food" the "Thai food" list is recorded as well (with Isan pronunciation) because all menu-cards in Isan are written according to Thai custom.


Family terms, nationality terms and ethnic terms - in Thai, Isan, Lao, and English.
     The list above is a part of a list on 8 pages.
     Knowledge of the family terms is essential. Most initial conversations will deal with familiar status, social status and age: "Are you married?", "how many children do you have?", etc.
     Personal pronouns and names are often substituted by family terms - and even used with people outside ones bloodline: A younger person will refer to him-/herself as "nong" (younger sibling) and address an elder as "lung" (uncle) - or even more polite: "Khun lung" (Mister uncle).



Thai-Isan-Lao Phrasebook with phonetics and soundtrack

Page 1 Index page.
Page 2 Introduction: Front page, introduction, content.
Page 3 Texts: Shopping, Learning by Oneself, etc.
Page 4 Wordlists: Menu-card, people, etc.
Page 5 Grammar: Present-Past-Future, adjectives, classifiers, etc.
Page 6 Writing Manuals: Thai consonants, Lao vowels, Isan clusters, etc.
Page 7 Appendixes: Comparing Lao and Thai consonants and vowels, etc.
Page 8 About the author
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Asger Mollerup, June 2005